Most studies today seem to draw the same conclusions:

The feeling of making a difference and contributing
being recognized for your achievements
a winning emotional combination that highly motivates individuals to sell successfully- continually.

But what other factors could be contributing?

We took a deeper dive to understand why some direct selling companies are so successful with sales and retention, and others continually lag behind. The common denominator ended up being something so painfully obvious, it was rather unexpected. Payout frequency.

I know. You’re on the edge of your seat. But seriously- when companies adopted a shorter time frame from point of sale to payout, they yielded greater distributor retention. Why? The shorter the time frame, the more instant the gratification. Pair that with instant spending capabilities, instant recognition, and voila- loyal distributors that stick by you and your brand for the long haul.

There’s nothing more attractive to a potential distributor than an attentive organization who wants to take care of their field- and paying in a timely manner falls under that category. When distributors feel that an organization has their best interests at top of mind, trust forms and their relationship with the organization feels much more personal. Because of this, they perform with purpose.

To put it in perspective: let’s say Sam makes a huge product sale for her company today, but they only pay once a month on the 1st, and today is the 4th. That means Sam is waiting almost a month to collect her payout, and a lot can happen in a month. Unexpected expenses come up leaving her frustrated and wishing that she had those funds now. The month goes by and with nothing incentivizing her to keep trying, Sam decides to stop selling for the company she worked so hard for altogether because their payment cycle just wasn’t aligning with her bill cycle. To acknowledge the lose-lose trend happening here further, that same company who also worked so hard to educate and train Sam on their products just lost their investment in her as a future team lead and motivator.

So there you have it- the feeling of accomplishment, paired with recognition, wrapped into a single instant payment notification keeping the daily motivation factor at its max. Limiting payments to once a month could leave your distributors wandering away in search of -you guessed it- a more attentive organization to join.

The most successful companies we looked at paid frequently (in some cases daily or every several hours), and promptly after a sale was made. Each instant payment notification got distributors more and more excited about being paid right away, and being able to spend- right away.

Taking care of your field isn’t just about giving recognition anymore, it’s about having the most efficient processes in place to make their road to success easy to navigate  – Click to Tweet.

There it is again- being attentive.

When choosing a payout provider, make sure their services can scale with you to pay account holders instantly, and as frequently as you want. Isn’t it nice to be cared for? We think so.

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